Business Coaching the Business House way – our unique approach

At Business House, you will work one-on-one with your dedicated expert business coach, who will guide you, support you and transform your business. Through decades of experience in business success and human development engineering we have developed tested and proven business models which will give you the edge and the ultimate catalyst for powerful changes in your business.



Business Coaching the Business House way – our unique approach

At Business House, you will work one-on-one with your dedicated expert business coach, who will guide you, support you and transform your business. Through decades of experience in business success and human development engineering we have developed tested and proven business models which will give you the edge and the ultimate catalyst for powerful changes in your business.


Our coaching and mentoring programmes enable you as a business owner or leader to reach your full potential.

We help you create a game plan and strategy to build a winning business, help you navigate your route to success, and re-ignite your passion through new skills and empowerment.

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Most business coaches will work on the same premise - that to grow your business, you need to sell more stuff to more people.

At Business House, we do that too, of course – but what if you could think bigger and grow your business faster through merging with, or acquiring another company?

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We source funding for mergers, acquisitions, aggregations and growth projects. Usually an aggregation or growth project is connected to an acquisition strategy, but they may also operate independent of the M&A structure. Every transaction is different, crafted to meet the needs of your business, and measured by its own merits.

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Ready for a career change?

If you’ve a track-record as an entrepreneur or business leader, and have a wealth of experience to offer, talk to us about a career in business coaching. Discover what it takes to be a great business coach and mentor, explore our specialist training programmes and discover a new future.

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We’ve had years of experience working with all manner of businesses across a wide variety of sectors ad we continue to embrace all business types with our trademark dynamism and passion to drive your business forward. Over the years, a few specialisms have emerged, which has honed our specific skills in the following sectors:

Business coaching for


So you have a brilliant business idea, and heaps of passion. But how on earth do you make it all happen? You need a business plan, marketing strategy, product development knowledge, sales expertise, financial acumen, and logistical know-how.

Oh, and that’s right – there’s only you!

But you don’t need to go it alone…

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Business coaching for


Running a business is tough – you are great at what you do – exceptional, even. But in addition to your particular skills, you find yourself with a whole host of tasks that are way outside your sphere of expertise. Remaining highly motivated and ambitious takes some work and a little help.

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Business coaching for


We’ve helped hundreds of builders and tradies, just like you, to get off the tools, build a substantial business and get their lives back. We empower you to excel as a business owner by delivering strategic advice and planning, practical tools, ongoing guidance and decisive intervention.

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Business coaching for


It’s a fact that leaders of today face greater pressures at work than ever before. And all the while you are expected to be entrepreneurial, charismatic, and inspirational and engaging leader. Easy right? It’s our goal to make you an unstoppable force in the workplace and an indispensable asset to your company.

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Finding the best business coach for you is no easy feat. You have probably met hundreds of business coaches – many of them claiming to be ‘the best business coach in Sydney”

A Google search will offer a variety of results with the title, ‘Best Business Coach in Sydney’ – but says who? Surely they can’t all be the best business coach in Sydney! In fact, none of them can legitimately make this claim. Especially when they know nothing about you or your business.

In reality, only you can decide who is the best business coach for you – whose skills and experience best match your business goals and aspirations, whose personality and coaching style is best-suited to your own personality and management style.

We’d like to think that Business House is one of the best business coaching firms in Sydney – and our clients would probably agree – but that doesn’t mean we’ll be right for everyone.

So how on earth do you choose? Here are a few tips.

Firstly, before you start to interview potential coaches, you need to be very clear about the reasons you want to work with a business coach and what you want to achieve with them. All coaches will work differently, so if you have a fixed idea of your goals, you can assess each coach’s strategy to help you reach those goals.

Ask for personal recommendations from friends and business contacts that have worked with a coach. And look online for positive reviews.

When you have a shortlist of business coaches, you can ask for personal references from some of their clients.

If much of your business is based in Sydney, it’s a good idea to look for a Business Coach with lots of local experience as they will understand the market well and will be more likely to have a network of useful contacts that will be willing to help you. That said, it’s also useful that they have interstate or even international experience too, depending on your distribution / export strategy.

In the end, there is no substitute for a face-to-face meeting with your potential business coach. Most will offer a free consultation and business assessment.

Bear in mind, they will be interviewing you too. Good business coaches will be selective with the clients they take on, and will be looking to work with committed, and driven business owners that are prepared to accept direction and open to change.

We’d be delighted to make your shortlist and meet with you to learn your business vision and explore how we can help.

If you’d like to hear from some of our clients why they think we’re the best Business Coach in Sydney, we’ll be happy to put you in touch.



Business Coach & CEO

One of the most sought-after business coaches in the country, presented with multiple awards for client results in Australasia, Andres has successfully worked with hundreds of businesses over the past 18 years, from start-ups and SME’s to national corporations.

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Business Coach

A passionate business coach, highly motivated and dedicated professional that can quickly exam and identify what needs to happen in a business to create a massive and positive change.

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A short welcome message from our

CEO, Andres Garzon.


Starting out in business had always seemed just a pipe dream, a challenge out of reach. We had hit rock bottom but still held hope that one day our visions and our dreams would be brought to fruition. Andres and Virginia have provided us with support, skills and knowledge to move from that rock bottom space to unlocking our full potential. These shifts have not only been from a business standpoint but we have experienced phenomenal personal growth alongside working with them both. We have been gaining exceptional knowledge and a deep understanding to allow us to build strong foundations which will ensure our businesses go the mile long into the future. This all over growth and development in our mindset, personal and business allows us to have continued faith that working with Andres and Virginia is the best decision we could have made. We have developed immense clarity and they have helped us open our minds to the endless possibilities that await us. We look forward to continuing to have both Andres and Virginia a part of our team as we experience even more growth and further opportunity, having them in our corner has been invaluable and we are excited to experience our dreams in business and life continue to become a reality.


Daniel & Danielle Slattery

Before I began coaching with Andres I felt completely lost with no sense of direction with my business. My business was growing very quickly and out of control. I had no structure financially and internally. Since beginning coaching with Andres, he has brought a sense of calm and clarity. We have implemented strategies and structure to assist the business. I feel we are now in control of our finances, having visibility into what is going on with cash flow and giving me a sense of security and peace of mind.


Fion San - CEO

Since starting to be mentored by Andres and Virginia our business has gone from strength to strength. Our team is growing, we have measuring systems in all our financial reporting, a strong consistent pipeline of work, and we are only scratching the surface. I am very happy with the way my business is growing!


David Kemp - Director

Andres and his team have helped my business by giving me the tools, resources and knowledge to transform who I was into who I desired to become. These tools, resources and knowledge helped me set up and see the company on a larger scale, create important systems and procedures, manage finances accurately, find good help, increase revenue and have FUN.

They've helped create a map of how to build and grow a successful, profitable business with awesome employees and culture. He is probably unaware, but Andres has a magical ability to energise you and get you pumped for massive action!


Cory Belobrajdic

Working with Andres has steered me to absolute clarity on where to go and how to get there. This means we have positioned our business for generating enormous growth.


Bill Director