The subject of business raises many questions and we’ve probably been asked most of them over the years. Here are our answers to the most common questions. If you have something more specific you’d like to find out or discuss, we’ll be delighted to chat. Just call us any time, or fill out the contact form and we’ll get right back to you.

It would be glib to say “can you afford not to have coaching?”, but there is definitely a value equation to consider. You’ll find the investment in yourself and your business will pay back exponentially – which is why we have so many long-term clients.   But we do understand that for small and start-up businesses, there are a lot of costs to consider, and have specific programmes designed to accommodate your fledgling enterprise. Call us, or send an enquiry and we will get back to you with our programmes and associated costs.
Of course! We work with many executives to help prepare them for new roles or promotions. We help you get clarity on your professional aspirations and goals and create a personal development plan to propel you to your desired career destination.
Yes, we can work with you to create bespoke programmes that support both, your executives, and your company to thrive and achieve great things together. We can help each member of your team develop their own personal and leadership skills, develop them to prepare for a particular challenge, role, or promotion, and explore which kind of roles best align with their skills and expertise to really drive your business.
We offer team development programmes in small groups and often support this with individual coaching or mentoring to deliver maximum benefit to the team and your organisation.
You don’t have to start right away, but it would be worth booking a consultation with us so we can give you some advice to get you started on the right track. We can discuss our coaching options with you and you may decide to launch your business with our support from the start. If not, you will leave the consultation armed with some knowledge and direction to start planning. The ‘right time’ to start working with a coach is when you feel ready to commit fully to the process. Let’s start with a chat and take it from there…
This is certainly not uncommon – in fact many of our clients come to us at exactly this point in their business development. It’s easy to lose objectivity over time, and get stuck on the treadmill and day-to-day requirements of keeping your business running. We love helping clients re-discover the passion in their business to really blast through that wall and re-energise their business and their team to reach new heights.
Well, you’re certainly not alone. Running a business is hard! It was new and exciting at first, especially when you started seeing some success. But as you grow, have to manage staff, and get bogged down in the ever-increasing admin and all the little things it takes just to keep the business going, it can be hard to hold on that initial vibrancy and passion. We’ll help you take a breath, step back from it all, create structure, policies and procedures that will free your time to do what you do best, and create frameworks for staff management, development, empowerment and leadership. We’ll soon help you get your mojo back.
Business growth, through either merger, or acquisition is one of our major strengths, and the service that sets us apart from all other coaching firms. We will first evaluate your business, create a strategy, help you identify suitable targets for acquisition (or merger), prepare and position your business to attract the right acquisition target / merger partner, source funding for your venture, and help you manage the whole process to ensure a smooth assimilation. Post deal, we can continue to work with you to help structure the ‘new’ business, integrate teams, products, services, policies and procedures, implement customer relations and retention strategies, and re-focus all team-members to ensure continuity and success.
Managing and motivating a team is no easy feat – especially if you haven’t had any professional training in that area. Many business owners find it difficult to delegate, they have no clear articulated vision for their company, no defined corporate culture, ill-defined roles and responsibilities, no policies and procedures – and often no clear goals or targets. Some or all of this may resonate with you, and if it does, it’s no wonder your team are not quite hitting the mark. They don’t really, fully understand what’s expected of them, how they can contribute, how their roles interplay with each other, and even what the company stands for. We’ll help you identify, clarify, articulate and document all of the above and a whole lot more to get your team working at optimum performance, with everyone motivated to help you succeed. If you find you’re just not recruiting the right people, we can help you with that too. By defining your values and culture, and sourcing talent that fits this definition is the key to successful recruitment. Employ people with the right attitude, that share your vision, and any skills shortfall can easily be addressed. Employ people based on skills and experience alone and the reverse is far from true. Skills can be taught, but attitude and values are almost impossible to change.
Absolutely! We meet so many clients that struggle to manage costs, job hours when quoting, cost-of-sales, etc., and at the same time grossly undervalue their service. We’ll help you create systems and process that streamline your business and costs, build value in your brand and service and ensure you are charging the right price for your products / services. We’ll review all your products and services and help you refine them to focus more attention on profitable channels and drop or revise those less profitable or loss-making. It’s ok to have the odd lost-leader in your business, but you need to have the bulk of your services firing on all cylinders.
As part of the National Diversified Fund Corporation (in fact, we are the only business coaching firm in Australia partnered with a private equity firm) we are able to access funding to grow your investment in a number of ways. What we recommend will depend on your business, your objectives and how you intend to grow. Book a chat with us to explore options.
That really depends very much on your ambitions and vision of your business. In our opinion, even if you plan to remain forever a sole trader, you will certainly benefit from acquiring some fundamental business skills. Building a successful business takes a lot more than expertise in your chosen craft – you have to manage your books, manage your time, market your business, create a brand presence, practice consistently great customer service, etc. etc. Most tradies have never learned the skills to do all of this well and can struggle to keep on top of it all – often resulting in poor profitability and a good deal of stress. If you have a bigger vision for your company, we know exactly what it takes to scale a business like yours, get you off the tools, teach you how to develop, grow and manage your business – and make a lot more money. So whatever the size of your business, and your dreams, we can help.
Of course, just get in touch and book an initial chat with us. Once we gain an understanding of your business and your goals, we will introduce you to an appropriate client that will be happy to share their experience with you.


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