Most business coaches will work on the same premise - that to grow your business, you need to sell more stuff to more people - and with the right strategy, management and leadership skills, and strong sales and marketing disciplines, you will achieve your goals.

At Business House, we do that too, of course - but what if you could think bigger and grow your business faster through merging with, or acquiring another company?

This is one of our signature strategies and area of expertise - and it could be that it’s perfect for you. But buying another company means significant capital investment, right?

Sure, but we’re here to help you with that too.

As part of the National Diversified Funding Corporation (or NDFC), Business House is perfectly positioned to access the finance required for your merger or acquisition, while expertly coaching you before, during and after the whole process to ensure your success. In fact, we are the only business coaching firm in Australia with this experience and partnership association with NDFC. And of course, if you simply need to raise capital to aid the natural growth of your company, we can help you with that too. As an NDFC partner, we have access to a wide range of investors and can match you with the exactly right investment partner to advance your business growth.

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Businesses generally operate as an island. Goods & service are imported to the island, transformed in some manner and then exported. In its simplest form, an Aggregation operates more like an island group organized around a common marketing theme. The customers are cross-promoted among the islands, exponentially increasing each island's exports (sales).

You could choose to grow this group of companies to achieve exponential growth over time - or you could explore merging your business with compatible, like-minded companies – or even acquire these companies.

Growing by acquisition, we help you to identify and acquire competitors, suppliers, distributors, and complementary product and service lines. Not only does your company grow, but your customers benefit into the bargain, from the smooth, streamlined and seamless integration of additional products and services with the same cultural values and signature service they currently enjoy from your business.

Our experts provide you with merger & acquisition advice and services that are not readily available to the majority of business owners. You will not hear here about the millions of dollars it normally takes to find & evaluate the right company, conduct appropriate due diligence & execute the acquisition or merger. Your capital is conserved and optimised for your future growth.

Our Business Financing professionals structure and execute a variety of transactions, including equity offerings and debt issuances from both traditional and non-traditional sources.

Your Business House coach will first work with you to develop your long-term strategy, and assess which route will be the best for you to achieve your business objectives.


NDFC is the preeminent private equity organisation, world-wide, providing managed resources to acquire, merge and expand privately owned companies.

Business House works directly with NDFC to develop strategic plans that can rapidly take even an underperforming company to a top tier player in its industry.

Led by world renowned entrepreneur Gordon Bizar, NDFC has a 45 year track record of investing throughout various sectors of multiple industries from high-tech to low-tech and even no-tech. NFDC has a physical presence in the US, Canada, UK and Australia, with Business House being the lead partner in Australia.

National Diversified Funding has completed in excess of 3,500 acquisitions, raised billions of dollars for its clients with up to half a billion dollars to finance a single transaction. Transactions have serviced companies from $1m to $100m in turnover.

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